Mr. Bangus meets Mr. Scary!

Had the opportunity to meet guitar god, George Lynch (Dokken, Lynch Mob, KXM, Lynch/Sweet) this past weekend (8/7/15).  Lynch Mob did a show in Whitesburg, KY at the Appalshop, and they totally ripped the place apart!!! I’ve been a huge George Lynch fan since ‘Under Lock and Key’ came out in 1985 and he’s been a big influence on me.  I haven’t had the chance to meet but just a couple of my guitar influences, so my bucket list is still wide open, lol.  But as a kid, I would listen to George and just be in total awe of his mad guitar skills…  As an adult and I’ve figured out a lot of these guitar riffs, but I’m still just as in awe of them now as I was then.  When I was standing in line to meet George and Oni Logan, I was trying to figure out what exactly I was going to say to George, because…  Well, I’ll probably never have this opportunity to meet him again.  I didn’t want to say something and sound like a complete moron, lol.  The only words I could muster up to say to him was, “thank you!”  He said, “for what?”  “for doing what we do”.  I said, “Yes, and for still doing it!!!”.  He laughed and we took this picture (sorry for the crappy pic, my iPhone 5 camera sucks, lol).


So… Thank you George and Oni for putting on one of the best shows I’ve ever seen, but for also just being humble and meeting your fans!  In my honest opinion…  Lynch Mob are one of the greatest rock bands ever!