In 2004, a little known band called 100% Angus started shaking up the Kentucky music scene! Playing all the popular venues in Louisville and Southern Indiana, word of mouth spread like wild fire.

“We were different!  We were the first AC/DC Tribute in the state of Kentucky! ”  Says Bangus.

“From 2000 – 2004, our band name was ‘SLANG’ and we played whatever was hot on the radio at the time.  A new song came out, and we would have it worked up by the weekend (as did many other bands).  But, we had had enough of the same ol’ same ol’ that was playing on the radio. We took notice that we were playing the same songs all the other bands were playing, it was just monotonous! We would play the Tap Room at Phoenix Hill Tavern, and our buddies in ’99 MPH’ would be in the other room, and people would go back and forth telling us they just played that song. What we took notice though, was when we would play “Back In Black” or “Rock and Roll Aint Noise Pollution”, everyone would go nuts. They loved it! So, we decided that was the way to go”.

100% Angus had been working with an agency in Louisville, Kentucky that had booked a lot of shows for them. We became regulars in the bars Louisville and Southern Indiana. We played Kelly’s Lounge, TK’s Pub, Phoenix Hill, R’s Place just to name a few in Louisville and Boomer’s, The Grapevine, Electric Lady in sourthern Indiana.  From 2004 – 2010, 100% Angus was playing almost every weekend, with only a hand full of weekends off per year.

“We were probably closer to each other than we were our own family’s. At the time, we pretty much were family… It was important to us! We had our rifts in the band, but we all were very tight. We changed members a couple times and it was for the best. We needed time away from each other. When you are on the road for that long, and you are around each other that much… Sometimes it’s necessary to take a break”.

2007 was probably the most drastic change in the lineup. Exiting the band were Richard Patterson (Dick Richards) and Byron Cravens (Phil Rude). Entering the band was Jerry D (Talcum Young) and his brother Scott Legget (Slymon Wright). The band wasted no time rehearsing and getting out and playing shows. The band cut ties with the agency in Louisville and started booking clubs on their own.  We landed regular gigs at RT’s in Richmond, KY, O’Neill’s in Lexington, KY and Hazard Sports Bar in Hazard, KY.  We also picked up a festival called Bustock in Seymour, Indiana. It was an amazing, but very hectic time for the band.  We began looking for an agency that worked for us, and not so much the clubs.  Bangus found an agency out of Nashville, Tn called Crescent Moon Talent. Crescent Moon was a huge step up for the band!  We went from playing small clubs to playing Frat party’s at Vanderbilt University, University of TN, Indiana University and Ol’ Miss.  But, the best gig we got was at the Bluebird in Bloomington, Indiana. There, we met a guy named Chris Ramsey with King Snake Sound Co.  We just call him ‘Ramsey’.

“Ramsey is the best! Says Bangus. Very cool guy! No ego, no attitude and he nails the sound every single time. We’ve never had a bad sound with Ramsey! The guy is probably the hardest working sound guy I’ve ever seen. He sets up everything, does sound and tears everything down and loads it all himself. And we’re not talking speakers on a stick here… We’re talking about these huge Cerwin Vega speakers! I’ve never heard the guy complain about anything. We like him so much, we urged Robert Becker from WJAA in Seymour to hire him to do sound for Bustock”

We ran across several people that we quickly became friends with. In particular was Norm and Joey Rassman from Carrollton, KY. Norm tried to get us in some of the clubs in Carrollton, but was unsuccessful. So, what did Norm do? He hired the band himself to play at the Carrollton Co. Fair Grounds. The first year, was a very small crowd, but it kept growing. The next year, it grew a little bit more. In 2010, Bangus was burnt crispy. He needed a break from the road and from his band mates. The Carrollton show was to be his last with 100% Angus. The next chapter of the band had begun…

In 2010, Bangus took hiatus from 100% Angus to pursue a college degree.  The fellas auditioned several guitar players and chose Casey Michael O’Hearn to be Bangus’s replacement.  Casey is a great guitar player, showman and a good guy!.  He fit the spot perfectly. 

From 2010 – 1012, Casey rocked with 100% Angus playing clubs and festivals.  He made a huge impression on fans of the band and the band never skipped a beat!  We thank you Casey for your time and service with the band!!!  Casey currently resides in Florida and is still rocking out on the guitar!  Anytime that Casey shows up at a gig, he will be playing several songs with the band!

In 2012 the fate of the band was unknown.  Slymon decided that he was going to take a hiatus from the band and Casey had moved to Florida.  Bangus and Phil Rude stepped back into the fold and the band kept rolling!  Starting off slow, the band has started to build it’s following back up to what it was before Bangus took his hiatus.  With Marshall Stacks, a Hell’s Bell, school boy outfit, Gibson SG…  We’re the entire package!